Made simple. Available globally


Best in class. Secure trading software with professionals on hand to manage risk factors. You earn an undiluted percentage of the profits.


Selected, digital assets with 10 year plus track record significantly outperforming any other commodity, currency or investment.


Unique artificial intelligence trading software which has delivered reliable returns for over a year. Possibly revolutionary.

We evaluate your needs and provide the best solutions

We have spent years sourcing, engaging and testing the best earning platforms the global market has to offer.  We reduce risk, enable short-medium sustainable returns, minimize client side management.

The following options are available to clients

One Trade

Our primary offer has exceptional historical returns. 

Low risk, high returns per week. Global product open to all. Suggested minimum investment 1000 USD. Available globally. 

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Asset group

This platform allows more stable earnings with suggested investment duration of 6 or more months. 

Minimum investment from USD 10 000.00. Available globally. 

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Affiliate One

With affiliate one we offer clients who do not have the means to afford the direct investment requirements to work with us. While learning about the investment opportunities you will have the opportunity up to 5% of profit earned by investors  in your portfolio.

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OTC Digital

Our over the counter digital asset providers are based in South Africa and offer a direct purchasing opportunity for clients who wish not to make use of conventional exchanges. 

Available in South Africa only (Non Citizens are welcome)

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Digital Wire

We have partnered with several groups offering international digital payment and collection solutions. 

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Who may use our partners services?

Each product, service or packages is selected for the clients to suite their needs. There are certain options which are limited to certain jurisdictions/countries and others with investment thresholds.  In general most products are open to any individual above the age of 18 (under the age of 18 custodial accounts may be opened in some instances). 

What guarantees are there?

As with all trading, commerce and financial instruments there are inherent risks. We use the products and services provided by our providers ourselves and we have trust in the infrastructure and security protocols. There are however no guarantees on returns or security on the investment – we believe the returns offset the risk. Please note that each services/product has a provider with specific terms, conditions, requirements and waivers.

What are the historic returns

Returns vary from day to day and more information will be available once you have contacted us. We have selected providers and portfolios that are focused on reduced risk with high liquidity.  The reason for this is that we believe that certain financial instruments are a fundamental to local and global trade. As such reduced exposure to resource based economies/corporations/asset classes, consumer driven goods and centralized monetary establishments may be expected.   

Are clients required to fill out KYC forms?

Yes, all clients need to complete the KYC (know your customer) information. This is inline with global anti-money laundering (AML) and countering the financing of terrorism (CFT).

Costs, fees and risk

Minimal fees across the board. No exit penalties or lock in periods. Contact us for information on offers. 

As with all investments and asset classes there will be an underlying risk/reward – clients need to understand the risk and assess if the historical returns justify such risks.  

Are you a Financial Services Provider?

No, we are a technology and research group who have partnered with top financial service providers, exchanges, investment companies, brokerages and payment facilitators. We consult and develop solutions for our client base and the client directly works with the provider. It is very important for client to read and agreed to the provided terms each may offer.

Taxation and Anti-money laundering (AML)

We and our providers have strict policies on money laundering. The platforms are design to pool funds and any tainted or illicit funds pose a risk to the other stakeholders. 

Tax requirements are the sole responsibility of the investor.

How does it work?

The investment options are divided in two major groupings. The first segment of funds have predefined structures and are pooled. This means that the investment amount will be fully allocated to a single pool – the pool may consist of multiple products however. The second segment are tailored funds in which the investor selects a varied exposure to the products of the pool. 

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