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Find the best modern wealth generation opportunities for you. Our approach to business is to keep things simple and transparent.    Flexibility, integrity and agility are the requirement for asset and wealth protection in 2020 - do not miss out - talk to us 

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Our partner providers will assess your needs and provide the trusted options they have for you.  Become resilient , grow beyond the constraints of the global economy – make the right decision for your finical future.


The most important question people should ask to them self is – “what do I need to comfortably survive now and for the medium or long term future without sacrificing my quality of living, lifestyle and the things I like to do“.

We are here to help you sustain the quality of life that you deserve.


We have combined our experience FX, commodity trading and investments to build a  modern approach to wealth generation.  Responsiveness and liquidity offer investors resilience against the global unpredictability.


As a rule, we test and personally invest in products that we endorse. Our team evaluates and tests products/services for a minimum of 6 months. Assessment information is made available to clients to assist them in their choices.

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Digital assets and computing hardware (Global)

Private Investment Club (Global)

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Digital asset payment and transaction solutions (Regional) 


About the group

Our team and service providers are from diffrent backgrounds. We all have a common goal however and that is to find what most people want – a fair and sustainable way to a life with financial freedom.

We have studied many financial, political and monitory systems and they are all inherently designed to force the majority into a debt trap which is near impossible to escape from. The wealth, health and socio-economic  gaps found globally attest to this – and what makes it worse is that this has become a multi-cultural, multi-generation issue for many.

Our teams come form engineering, technology, science, health care, commercial and legal backgrounds and in each sector we see the problems of an unsustainable governance model. 

These problems have been noted by many groups – some choose to further their own causes and profit over the short term.

We have a different view – if there is a widening wealth and quality of life gap – there will be more friction, less efficiency and in many cases a bigger threat to our own quality of life. So we decided to level the playing field and offer our partners to everyone with the same returns – if you invest 100 USD you will enjoy the same privileges of a 10 000 000 USD investor.

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World first wildlife forensics college

Contribute to a world first

special event –

first international student group to start 

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